Professor of IFNMU tells about Importance of Getting a Flu Shot

Three types of influenza: H1N1, H3N2 and type B will circulate in Europe this year, –
say WHO staff members. The vaccine is not available in Ukraine yet. But it is expected that in early November it will be available for sale in Ukraine.


The vaccination campaign has already begun at the department of anesthesiology and intensive therapy of IFNMU.
“Many teachers of our department have already received this vaccine, – says the head of the department Ivan Titov. – It should be noted that the vaccine is safe, well tolerated and effective. The vaccine is also well tolerated in children under 18 years».
Professor says, that there are some wrong opinions regarding vaccination. Some people and even doctors consider that it is too late to do flu vaccine now. “This is absolutely wrong approach – said Ivan Titov. – Flu viruses are most common during all fall and winter. People can get the flu vaccine at any time. Almost everyone needs a flu shot but first of all it is necessary for physicians and all other healthcare workers who contact with sick people».
When most people are vaccinated, there is no flu epidemic – says the Head of the Department Ivan Titov.