Why Study In INMU

 All over the world students who are passionate about becoming doctors have to face the disappointment because their countries do not have the facilities to provide them with medical doctor education. Quite often universities have very high entry requirements due to lack of seats therefore only allowing the most ardent students to apply.

At IVANO FRANKIVSK NATIONAL Medical University we have no strict entrance requirements. IFNMU is very well recognized internationally as a top foreign medical university and as Ukraine moves into the EU , Ukrainian education standards merge with EU education standards.l University  also provides Medical education for English speaking International students who are looking for an affordable foreign medical university to study at. Study medicine in our  medical faculty, IVANO FRANKIVSK Ukraine. The safe environment and good living standards are reason alone for any student looking for foreign medical education at a recognized school to apply for a seat at IFNMU.

Here are some reasons to Study Medicine AT IFNMU

– Favored Destination: In the past decade, Ukraine has become the most popular destination for international students to study medicine in Europe. Since 1990 thousands of applicants from 52 countries – The students are studying from Denmark, Sweden, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Mauritius, India, Pakistan, Maldives, Kenya, Angola, Tunisia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Canada, Egypt, U.S.A, Saudi Arabia, Australia, U.K, Singapore, South-Africa, Lebanese, New-Zealand, Iran, Iraq, Sir-Lanka, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Maldives, Nepal, Palestine, Tunis, Uganda, Venezuela, Peru, Yemen, Tanzania, Lebanon, Morocco, Lesotho, Ghana, U.A.E, Bangladesh, south Africa, Nepal, Bulgaria, Israel, China, Norway, Kuwait, Zimbabwe, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Sierra-Leone, etc.

Out of all the programs the medical faculties have the highest proportion of international students who come to study medicine in Europe, at certain schools close to 30%

– Low Cost: The University fee structure is among the most cost-effective to study medicine in Europe. Ukraine is more affordable than Britain, the US, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic or Australia, in means of living expenses, cost of accommodation or overseas students’ tuition fees, living expenses are around 100-200US$ a month. Study medicine in our  medical faculty..

– Waiver of TOEFL/IELTS: Unlike many Universities,IFNMU recognizes that many students have done their formal education in English medium institutions and are comfortable with English as a medium of instruction. So, you need not take the TOEFL/IELTS.

The IFNMU degree will lead to medical licensure and practice in the US, Canada, South Africa,India,Pakistan, UK, Germany, Greece, Italy and many other countries.. The following is a partial listing of the organizations IVANO FRANKIVSK NATIONAL Medical University is recognized by:

     The Ministry of Education in Ukraine

     The World Health Organization

     The General Medical Council of Great Britain

     Pakistan Medical and Dental Council

     Egyptian Medical Council

     Saudi Medical Board

     UAE Medical and Dental Licensing Board

     South African Medical and Dental Council


     German Medical Council

     The Medical Council of France

     Iran Medical Commission

     Zambian Medical Council

     Italian Medical Council

     Greek Medical and Dental Board

     Medical Council Of India

     Medical Council of Mauritius

     Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council

     Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria

     Medical & Dental Council Ghana

     Recognized by all the European Union Nations respective Medical Councils

Recognized in most countries at least for a limited registration.

You should ask the authorities or professional bodies in the respective country for information about the conditions for a full registration and recognition of the degree required to practice medicine.

IFNMU Medical Graduates are eligible to apply to sit for:

     Ukrainian Medical Residencies in any of the EU-approved specialties

   ECFMG examinations (including the USMLE examinations) and for ECFMG certification

     The Canadian licensing exams

     AMC licensing and state registration exams

     MCNZ licensing and state registration exams

     UK PLAB registration exams

     Ireland registration exams

     MCI Screening Test