Reasons to choose INMU


INMU is recognized internationally by all international medical bodies and associations INMU has memberships of several international health organizations. First of all WHO (World Health Organization), INMU has the membership of Europen medical council. INMU is also a member of the international university organization. INMU  is also a member of Eurasian university association. It is globally recognized and regarded in the field of medical study. Ivano Frankovsk national medical university has a history of 70 years and in this time span, it has produced various scientists and professors those have served the whole world. Ivano Frankovsk national medical is the best university in Ukraine and famous university of Europe.


Ivano Frankovsk National Medical University is well known for its highly modernized and professional environment. Highly qualified staff along with devotion and passion to impart the knowledge to students, all these things make the university unique. INMU training is practically oriented from second-year student continuously visits the hospital under the supervision of professors. Medicine study at INMU is considered the best medicine study in Ukraine. Doctors of INMU are famous worlwide for their skills and knowledge.


Graduates of Ivano Frankovsk Medical University can get jobs in government and private sector of medicine in America and whole Europe. A great number of our students are working in our own country and also serving humanity in other parts of the globe. Students of Ivano Frankovsk medical university are in great demand in the whole of Europe because of their professional training. Mbbs degree holders of INMU are currently working in European and American countries.


Graduates of Ivano Frankovsk national medical can practice anywhere in the world.our degree is recognized in the whole world. Our degree is recognized by AMERICA, UK(Great Britain).CANADA FRANCE GERMANY SWITZERLAND ITALY INDIA AFRICA GULF REGION.