The Faculty of Dentistry of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University was established in 1978. At different times, the dean’s office of the faculty was headed by associate professor Dolishniy M.V. – 1978-1982; Professor Shkromida M.I. – 1982-1985; associate professor Bukavin S.P. – 1985-1987; associate professor Kazakova R.V. – 1987-1990; Associate professor Shlyakhovenko O.O. – 1990-1995; Professor Rozhko M.M. – 1995-2001; associate professor Volyak M.N. – 2001 -2011 biennium. Since 2011, the dean has been appointed and approved by the Academic Council by associate professor Bugherchuk O.V.

The “center” of the faculty is his dean’s office. Under the guidance of O.V. Bugherchuk is a co-ordinated pedagogical team. Organized and coordinated educational and educational processes deputy deans – associate professor O.I. Bulbuk, assistant Sagan N.T. An important link in the work of the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Dentistry is the study on the basis of the credit-modular system of education, for the implementation of which corresponds the curator of the ECTS assistant Yu.V. Octysus. In order to increase the efficiency of the dean’s office, the computer program “Contingent” is currently being used, and a local computer network with access to the global Internet network operates.

The educational process is conducted on 34 departments, 12 of which are fixed at the faculty. Chairs are headed by the best scientific and pedagogical workers whose names are well-known in Ukraine and abroad, in particular: Professor V.I. Gerelyuk, doctor of medical sciences, professor Z.R. Oghogan and others. The teaching process is provided by 193 teachers, among them – 37 doctors and 118 candidates of medical sciences. The profile and graduation are 4 departments of the dental direction – therapeutic dentistry, orthopedic dentistry, surgical stomatology, and pediatric dentistry. 41 teachers work on them, among them 4 doctors and 28 candidates of medical sciences. During the last 5 years, teachers working in graduate departments have increased their level in the field of pedagogical skills at the courses of faculty of in-service teacher training at the National Medical University named after O. Bogomolets and the Kyiv National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after PLShupik, and Also, they were trained in foreign higher educational institutions and laboratories.

When preparing specialists at the faculty, they adhere to the principles of continuity and inter-faculty integration. The educational process uses the latest dental technology, examines the issues and problems of applying new methods of treatment and prevention of dental diseases, prosthetics with modern removable and non-removable denture structures, implantology, restorative plastic surgery. The technical equipment of dentistry departments is constantly updated with modern equipment, tools, and materials.

The staff of the departments of the Faculty of Dentistry takes an active part in the work aimed at building the pan-European space of higher education. A number of textbooks, manuals and methodical recommendations in Ukrainian have been issued to improve the teaching effectiveness of the INMU’s scientists. The staff of the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Dentistry developed training and control programs for testing the level of knowledge of students during the training. To assist in the preparation for the development of test controls “Krok-1”, “Krok-2”, the Dean’s Office prepares and issues training manuals-practical works each year for the preparation of the licensed integrated examination “Krok 1. Stomatology” and “Krok 2. Stomatology”.

Students of the Faculty of Dentistry can use all structural subdivisions of the INMU for a full-fledged academic and scientific self-improvement. Practical classes with student dentistry are conducted on the basis of the dental center of the University Clinic INMU, the city, and regional dental clinics, the maxillofacial department of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Clinical Hospital. The industrial practice takes place in medical and prophylactic institutions of Ivano-Frankivsk and Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Khmelnytsky regions.

The training and practical center “Dentistry”, which consists of 15 phantom classes of various functional purposes, is organized for the improvement of student’s education. In particular, the phantom class on the department of orthopedic dentistry is equipped with kits for dental implantation. In the phantom class on the basis of the Department of Surgical Dentistry, students learn techniques for removing various groups of teeth and various techniques of local injection anesthesia and techniques for planning operative interventions in the maxillofacial area. In the phantom room located on the 6th floor of the dental clinic, students from the faculty of pediatric, therapeutic and orthopedic stomatology can conduct practical classes. Students work out techniques for the preparation of cavities of different classes or the preparation of hard tissue teeth for the manufacture of various types of non-removable orthopedic structures. In a specialized phantom class, techniques are being developed for emergency medical care.

Therefore, students have the opportunity not only to study according to the standard curriculum but also to engage in research work. Students’ scientific circles work at all departments of the faculty, whose pupils participate in annual student conferences organized by the Student Scientific Society. Young scientists present reports at student research conferences, which is often the first step towards a serious scientific activity. The Association of Students of Stomatology actively works at the faculty.

There are students with a library with two passes and a central reading room, a reading room of the Department of Ukrainian Studies, reading rooms for dormitories.

At the Faculty of Dentistry, all conditions are created not only for educational and research work, but also for recreation and comprehensive development of students. The services of all interested persons include various sports sections, amateur circles, clubs of interest. High popularity among students is the concerts-reviews of amateur performances, performances of teams of KVN, thematic literary evenings. Unforgettable experiences leave excursions and trips to the tourist routes of the magical Prykarpattya, which are organized for students and staff of the faculty.


  • Dental Surgery
  • Maxillofacial Surgery and Oncologic Dentistry
  • Prosthetic Dentistry
  • Therapeutic Dentistry
  • Pediatric Dentistry