Advantages of Studing in Ukraine

Ukraine is a hospitable and beautiful country with a European education system. Today, more than 63 thousand foreign students who come from 152 countries of the world study at Ukrainian universities. Moreover, every year their number grows.

In the Ukrainian system of higher education, there are educational institutions of different levels of accreditation: colleges, institutes, universities, academies, which train highly qualified specialists of various profiles. Foreign students acquire not only theoretical knowledge but also acquire practical skills.

Due to the strong teaching staff, development and introduction of new technologies in the educational process and the educational system as a whole, Ukrainian universities produce professionals who can enhance the prestige of their home country.


There are many reasons why you should choose Ukraine to study:

  • Flexible entry conditions to Ukraine and a simple procedure for entering the university. The visa-free regime for foreign applicants applies to some countries of the CIS, Europe, Canada, Japan, and Israel. Visa support is provided for citizens of other countries. To enter the university in Ukraine, you do not need to pass exams and pass testing.
  • Great people. Ukrainians are emotional and sensitive – from here stems their amiable nature, absence of aggressiveness, and tendency to smooth out any conflicts. Ukrainians are also cheerful people with an extraordinary sense of humor.
  • A tolerant society. There are no interracial conflicts in Ukraine, religious oppression and inter-ethnic confrontation. Ukrainians are tolerant of foreign citizens and are famous for their hospitality to the whole world.
  • Affordable cost of training in Ukraine. Tuition in Ukraine is significantly lower than in Europe, the CIS, and North America.
  • Check in at the hostel. Ukrainian universities provide foreign students with a place in a dormitory. The cost of living is very democratic.
  • High European level of education. Leading universities of Ukraine have a long history, a strong teaching school. Many of them have worldwide recognition. Ukraine has become a party to the Bologna Declaration since 2005 and has a standardized educational system along with other 46 European countries, which increases the mobility of students and graduates.
  • Ability to choose the form of training. In Ukraine, various training options are available for foreign citizens: bachelor, master, postgraduate education. You can learn remotely and in the correspondence department. Language of choice to choose – English, Russian.
  • Training courses. Most universities organize preparatory courses in Russian and Ukrainian for foreign applicants. Preparation for training in a higher educational institution takes from 6 to 10 months.
  • Large selection of specialties. In the universities of Ukraine, you can get a specialty: medical, legal, economic, engineering, technical, humanitarian, etc.
  • Tasty and natural food. Formed over centuries, and absorbing culinary traditions of various peoples, Ukrainian cuisine turned into one of the richest and the most diverse of Slavic cuisines.

A beautiful country with a European standard of living. Ukraine is a beautiful country. Mountains, rivers, lakes, seas – the primeval nature for a healthy and active life. Historical sights, museums, theaters, sports, different types of hobbies, outdoor activities – all this you will find in Ukraine!